Week 11 – Classmate – Calvin Vo


This week, I got the chance to talk to Calvin Vo. Calvin is a freshman in CSULB and he is majoring in civil engineering. He commutes to CSULB and he says it is hard to make friends this way. I agree with him because commuting gives a disadvantage towards making new friends. Calvin is from Cypress and he attended Cypress High School. He has two younger siblings and he has no pets, but Calvin wants to own a dog.

Calvin and I are both athletic. Calvin likes playing beach volleyball, hiking, and basketball. He is very active and athletic and enjoys hanging out with his friends. He doesn’t watch TV much, but he tells me that he watches Master Chef and The Voice occasionally. His favorite movies are the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Calvin enjoys listening to alternative music such as The Script, Coldplay, and Fallout Boys.

Calvin’s likes eating anything he can get his hands on. One of his favorite meals is rare steak. I enjoy eating rare steak as well. Calvin’s plan for the next few years to to either transfer to UCSD to further enhance his engineering education or to just stay in CSULB. Calvin has his future set for his next years in college and it motivates me to plan for my future also. I had a great time overall getting to now more about Calvin.

Check out his blog here:  calvinvo.wordpress.com


Week 10 – Activity – Landscape


For this activity, I had to imagine myself dying in a place of my choice. I decided to use a mall in the Cerritos Plaza near the OC area. I wanted to do something humorous and serious at the same time. Recently, there have been multiple accounts of mall shootings, and I decided to “die” in a mall to raise awareness of the seriousness of this issue. I also had a humorous time doing this because I had some random people staring at me like I was crazy.

This activity was fun because it let me hang out with my friends at the mall and also show how people can die anytime, anywhere. I overall enjoyed posing for the picture and showing the public how crazy I was.

Week 10 – Artist Interview – Sophia Dao, Yee Li, and Marguerite Freed

img_0347 lolkk2

This week, I had the opportunity to view vibrant artwork made by Sophia Dao, Yee Li, and Marguerite Freed. These pieces were named, “Introspection” and there were many different geometric figures implemented onto the artwork. There are different colors and patterns that intrigue me. I was interested by the way the colors and shapes all work together in harmony and was impressed by the use of blending colors.

I had the chance to talk to Marguerite and Yee and I asked her what all the pictures meant. Marguerite explains how the patterns and triangles represent being stuck in a pattern in life and how it means that one is always stressed. The colors represent a somewhat depressing mood. I was moved by what the artists said about their painting because it is a way to express their own moods. I assume that whenever the artist felt down, they would paint pictures that represent their moods.

I had a great time talking to the artists and it was great enjoying and viewing their work. Their artwork is nicely done and I enjoyed the use of colors and patterns in the artwork

Week 10 – Classmate – John Tran

This week, I had the chance to interview John Tran. John is currently majoring in sociology and is a transfer student. He is a junior but he transferred this year so technically, he is a freshman. John is Vietnamese and his parents were born and raised in Vietnam. His hometown is Garden Grove and he has a lot of siblings! John has nine siblings! I was surprised when he told me this because I only have one sibling. I can never imagine having so many siblings! John doesn’t have any pets at home, but he wishes he had a dog to take care of at home.

John has many hobbies and interests that we share in common. John likes to play video games, especially Xbox and Playstation 3. He likes going on the computer and playing computer games or just hang out on Facebook. He also enjoys watching TV shows during his free time. His favorite TV shows are Breaking Bad, Arrow, Prison Break, The Walking Dead, and The Game of Thrones. I also enjoy watching Breaking Bad and Prison Break, and we spent a long time chatting about the recent episodes.

John is also a big fan of food. He enjoys eating anything that looks delicious and is willing to try any dish that looks good to eat. He once tried a seafood dish but it tasted horrible, thus giving him the mentality that all seafood dishes aren’t as delicious as other dishes. John also told me an interesting fact: he wants to be in the aviation field when he graduates. He wants to become a pilot and he has already flew a plane multiple times! This was awesome to know and I had a great time chatting with and getting to know John!

Check out John’s blog here: http://johnhieptran.wordpress.com/

Week 9 – Artist – Jesse Minott and Cynthia Lujan


20141023_111632 img_0347

This gallery was named “Forms of LA” and was creatively composed by Jesse Minott and Cynthia Lujan. As I entered this gallery, I was amazed by the use of perspective and color. Its colors really stood out and caught my attention and the detail put into each painting was just amazing. The faces on the paintings were missing faces. I believe that the artist did this to show how emotionless the society has become.

Coming from the L.A. area, I can see how these paintings relate to Los Angeles. The tall skyscrapers dominate the city and with the use of perspective, Minott and Lujan show viewers how tall the skyscrapers are. The people shown on the paintings, in my opinion, represent the average human being living in LA, emotionless and still.

I talked to Lujan and she mentioned on the focus of color. She mentioned the use of many techniques such as emanation and zoning and perspective. Lujan wanted the art to come out blurry because she used a technique that focused on light. I couldn’t remember what it was called. All in all, the effort and time put into this gallery was impressive. I really enjoyed seeing handmade paintings made with passion.

Week 9 – Classmate – Frank Mai


This week, I had the opportunity to interview Frank Mai. There were many hobbies we had in common, Frank is a junior in CSULB and his current major is computer science. He was interested in a graphic design major but decided to change to computer science. Frank is from Westminister, which is a city fifteen minutes away from Long Beach, thus giving him the choice to commute to Long Beach. He took multiple art courses during his high school years in Westminister High. He and I both took ROP MultiMedia in our highschools which gave us the interest of web and graphic design. Frank’s family is from Vietnam and he has two older siblings.

One of Frank’s favorite hobbies is gaming. He doesn’t have a favorite game but his favorite genre of gaming is RPG (role playing game). I asked Frank if he enjoys playing League of Legends, a game I play sporadically, but Frank proclaims that, after tentatively trying it out, concluded that it wasn’t his type of game. Frank is also a big fan of anime. He doesn’t have a favorite anime because he watches a lot. His favorite genre of anime is comedy. I also enjoy watching comedy shows on Netflix, but I haven’t watched anime yet.Frank and I both love eating. He doesn’t have a favorite food but he is down to try anything new and exotic.

During out interview, Frank gave me a lot of helpful advice for my years to come in CSULB. He told me to check out and join clubs that were located around school and to get involved. Frank also mentioned a website that gave you helpful information about your current college professors. I was lucky to interview a classmate with such helpful advice! I hope to learn more about Frank in the future and get to know him more.

Check out Frank’s awesome blog!: http://frankmai.wordpress.com/