Week 15 – Classmate – Alex Lo


This week I had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know Alex Lo.  Alex is currently a sophomore in CSULB and its his second year here. Alex is majoring in Kinesiology and is hoping to work at a medical office after he graduates from CSULB. Alex enjoys working with other people in the medical field. Alex is also a commuter, like me. He commutes to school everyday, except Fridays. He has no classes on Friday because everyone enjoys three day weekends. Alex is from the La Habra area, which isn’t too far from Long Beach.

During his free time, Alex likes going to the gym, working out, and camping with his friends. Alex watches TV shows such as Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead because he enjoys action/adventure shows. Alex is currently not involved in any school clubs but he is considering joining the rugby team next year.

After talking for a while, we walked around to look at arts. We had different perspectives on many of the works and had many questions on many art pieces. Alex enjoys photography and loves taking pictures of the art with his iPhone. This is my last classmate conversation and I’m glad to have hung out with Alex Thursday!

Check him out here: http://alexanderl0.com


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