Week 15 – Artist – Hyeri Kim

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This Thursday, I got the opportunity to view a gallery made by Hyeri Kim named “His Extravagant Proposal.” At first, I thought that it would be like any other art gallery, but this one was unique because it deals with an event that almost everyone will go through during his or her life. Kim decided to showcase her wedding and proposal day and decorated the gallery with all sorts of props such as flowers, wedding dresses, and rings.

This gallery stood out to me because Kim talked about love and how love is a God given right. It is when you have found that special someone in your life and that special day is when you and your significant other become married. Kim mentions God in her talks because she believes that God is the one who gave us this opportunity to love one another.

In my opinion, love is an emotion felt by everyone. It may be genetics or it may be God, no one knows for sure, but what is for sure is that love is a very strong emotion and everyone views love differently. Kim’s love for her husband is expressed in a form of art, which I think is creative and unique.


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