Week 11 – Classmate – Calvin Vo


This week, I got the chance to talk to Calvin Vo. Calvin is a freshman in CSULB and he is majoring in civil engineering. He commutes to CSULB and he says it is hard to make friends this way. I agree with him because commuting gives a disadvantage towards making new friends. Calvin is from Cypress and he attended Cypress High School. He has two younger siblings and he has no pets, but Calvin wants to own a dog.

Calvin and I are both athletic. Calvin likes playing beach volleyball, hiking, and basketball. He is very active and athletic and enjoys hanging out with his friends. He doesn’t watch TV much, but he tells me that he watches Master Chef and The Voice occasionally. His favorite movies are the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Calvin enjoys listening to alternative music such as The Script, Coldplay, and Fallout Boys.

Calvin’s likes eating anything he can get his hands on. One of his favorite meals is rare steak. I enjoy eating rare steak as well. Calvin’s plan for the next few years to to either transfer to UCSD to further enhance his engineering education or to just stay in CSULB. Calvin has his future set for his next years in college and it motivates me to plan for my future also. I had a great time overall getting to now more about Calvin.

Check out his blog here:  calvinvo.wordpress.com


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