Week 11 – Artist – Wesley Hicks

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This week, I had the opportunity to view these amazing art pieces made by Wesley Hicks. Once I entered the room, I was intrigued by the vast amount of sculptures that were being displayed. The different colors caught my eye and I was immediately interested and wanted to learn more about this art.

Wesley Hicks talks about how these pieces are presented. Hicks states that these objects contain imperfections and inconsistencies that have been painted over to further impede viewers from understanding their original functions and intended state. Hicks also mentions how these objects are all small, thus giving the idea of the objects standing for something bigger. Hicks believes that art should be linked to an idea or a concept.

I believe that Hicks is trying to tell viewers how every artwork must stand for something or have a concept behind it. I really enjoyed viewing all of Hick’s art and his statements of objects needing to stand for an idea or concept. I had a great time touring the gallery and hope to find more art by Wesley Hicks.


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