Week 10 – Classmate – John Tran

This week, I had the chance to interview John Tran. John is currently majoring in sociology and is a transfer student. He is a junior but he transferred this year so technically, he is a freshman. John is Vietnamese and his parents were born and raised in Vietnam. His hometown is Garden Grove and he has a lot of siblings! John has nine siblings! I was surprised when he told me this because I only have one sibling. I can never imagine having so many siblings! John doesn’t have any pets at home, but he wishes he had a dog to take care of at home.

John has many hobbies and interests that we share in common. John likes to play video games, especially Xbox and Playstation 3. He likes going on the computer and playing computer games or just hang out on Facebook. He also enjoys watching TV shows during his free time. His favorite TV shows are Breaking Bad, Arrow, Prison Break, The Walking Dead, and The Game of Thrones. I also enjoy watching Breaking Bad and Prison Break, and we spent a long time chatting about the recent episodes.

John is also a big fan of food. He enjoys eating anything that looks delicious and is willing to try any dish that looks good to eat. He once tried a seafood dish but it tasted horrible, thus giving him the mentality that all seafood dishes aren’t as delicious as other dishes. John also told me an interesting fact: he wants to be in the aviation field when he graduates. He wants to become a pilot and he has already flew a plane multiple times! This was awesome to know and I had a great time chatting with and getting to know John!

Check out John’s blog here: http://johnhieptran.wordpress.com/


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