Week 9 – Classmate – Frank Mai


This week, I had the opportunity to interview Frank Mai. There were many hobbies we had in common, Frank is a junior in CSULB and his current major is computer science. He was interested in a graphic design major but decided to change to computer science. Frank is from Westminister, which is a city fifteen minutes away from Long Beach, thus giving him the choice to commute to Long Beach. He took multiple art courses during his high school years in Westminister High. He and I both took ROP MultiMedia in our highschools which gave us the interest of web and graphic design. Frank’s family is from Vietnam and he has two older siblings.

One of Frank’s favorite hobbies is gaming. He doesn’t have a favorite game but his favorite genre of gaming is RPG (role playing game). I asked Frank if he enjoys playing League of Legends, a game I play sporadically, but Frank proclaims that, after tentatively trying it out, concluded that it wasn’t his type of game. Frank is also a big fan of anime. He doesn’t have a favorite anime because he watches a lot. His favorite genre of anime is comedy. I also enjoy watching comedy shows on Netflix, but I haven’t watched anime yet.Frank and I both love eating. He doesn’t have a favorite food but he is down to try anything new and exotic.

During out interview, Frank gave me a lot of helpful advice for my years to come in CSULB. He told me to check out and join clubs that were located around school and to get involved. Frank also mentioned a website that gave you helpful information about your current college professors. I was lucky to interview a classmate with such helpful advice! I hope to learn more about Frank in the future and get to know him more.

Check out Frank’s awesome blog!: http://frankmai.wordpress.com/


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