Week 9 – Artist – Jesse Minott and Cynthia Lujan


20141023_111632 img_0347

This gallery was named “Forms of LA” and was creatively composed by Jesse Minott and Cynthia Lujan. As I entered this gallery, I was amazed by the use of perspective and color. Its colors really stood out and caught my attention and the detail put into each painting was just amazing. The faces on the paintings were missing faces. I believe that the artist did this to show how emotionless the society has become.

Coming from the L.A. area, I can see how these paintings relate to Los Angeles. The tall skyscrapers dominate the city and with the use of perspective, Minott and Lujan show viewers how tall the skyscrapers are. The people shown on the paintings, in my opinion, represent the average human being living in LA, emotionless and still.

I talked to Lujan and she mentioned on the focus of color. She mentioned the use of many techniques such as emanation and zoning and perspective. Lujan wanted the art to come out blurry because she used a technique that focused on light. I couldn’t remember what it was called. All in all, the effort and time put into this gallery was impressive. I really enjoyed seeing handmade paintings made with passion.


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