Week 8 – Artist – Nora Ayala


This Thursday, I visited the art galleries and came across an interesting artwork. There was writing everywhere, and it looked more like a book than an artwork. However, I decided to read the words and they turned out to be a diary of some sort. The words talked about the artist’s life during school and how she felt throughout the different events that have occurred. A lot of the words and thoughts are pessimistic. They describe the artist as being lonely and self-conscious.

This artwork stood out to me because I can relate to this piece of artwork. The artist talks about the daily struggles of an average high school or college student. These thoughts are thoughts that people keep to themselves, but Ayala decided to write out her thoughts for viewers to see. It really motivates me to understand others and empathize more. These are normal people with the same thoughts as others, and that we are no different than others around us.

I really liked this artwork, but I didn’t get a chance to interview Ayala. My friend from the same class gave me some neat information about Ayala’s work. He told me that it took around a month to complete this art piece. I admire Ayala’s time and dedication given towards this art!

Check out her Instagram here: http://instagram.com/norax_darko/


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