Week 7 – Classmate Interview – Ryan Wang


This Thursday, I interviewed Ryan Wang. Ryan is a freshman in CSULB and he is dorming here. His major is in business, like me. Ryan is interested in working for a big company like Nike or Apple and I believe he will achieve it. Ryan is from Brea, which is near the OC area. His brother goes to UCI and is also studying business there.

Ryan enjoys watching television during his free time. His favorite shows are Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Prison Break, and Family Guy. Ryan says that he is excited for the season 5 premiere of The Walking Dead, which starts this Sunday. Ryan also likes to play sports. His favorite sport is basketball and his favorite team is the LA Lakers. He has no favorite foods, but he is down to try anything that seems new and delicious.

After walking around the galleries, Ryan says that art is a way for people to express their emotions. For example, someone who is depressed may draw sad pictures as opposed to someone who is happy who would draw optimistic pictures. I enjoyed talking with Ryan this week and I hope to talk to him more during class.

Check out Ryan’s blog: http://binyangwang.wordpress.com/


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