Week 7 – Artist – Yee Li and Marguerite Freed


This week, I was walking around the galleries and I enjoyed looking at these art pieces made by Yee Li and Marguerite Freed. These pieces were named, “Introspection” and there were many different geometric figures implemented onto the artwork. There are different colors and patterns that intrigue me. I was interested by the way the colors and shapes all work together in harmony and was impressed by the use of blending colors.

I had the chance to talk to Marguerite and Yee and I asked her what all the pictures meant. Marguerite explains how the patterns and triangles represent being stuck in a pattern in life and how it means that one is always stressed. The colors represent a somewhat depressing mood. I was moved by what the artists said about their painting because it is a way to express their own moods. I assume that whenever the artist felt down, they would paint pictures that represent their moods.

I had a great time talking to the artists and it was great enjoying and viewing their work. Their artwork is nicely done and I enjoyed the use of colors and patterns in the artwork.


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