Week 6 – Classmate interview – Justin Toguchi


This week, I ran into Justin Toguchi. Justin is a junior and is majoring in Environmental Science, but also wants a Bachelor’s in Art. Justin told me that a majority of his family majored in psychology, so he was breaking the norm. He wants to find a job working for the government and possibly working with endangered species. I found out that Justin lives in Huntington Beach and also commutes to CSULB, which was pretty cool. He says that it only takes about 15 minutes to drive from his house.

Justin is a big fan of basketball and the NBA. He played for a competitive league during high school, but he mentioned that he didn’t play basketball for a while. Justin’s favorite team is the Lakers, which is a popular pick among students living in the LA area. Justin enjoys playing the guitar and singing for his youth group’s worship team, which was cool to hear. Justin’s favorite food is anything new and adventurous. He said that he is willing to try anything new and unique, such as the bug he ate during the summer!

After our interview, we walked around the galleries and were interested in similar art pieces. The snow sculptures and the deer head sculpture caught out attentions and we both thought it was funny. After the tour, Justin gave me great advice on how to survive my Freshman year. He told me a lot about academic advising and how I should take advantage of it. It was really helpful and I was glad to have met Justin this week!

Check out Justin’s page: http://justintoguchi.wordpress.com


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