Week 6 – Artist Interview – Isiah Ulloa

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This week, I got the opportunity to view art pieces named, “Labyrinth” by Isiah Ulloa. There were many snow sculptures and a lifelike deer man and and interesting deer made of what seemed to me as wood. These artwork represented deer and men and I was interested by the different forms of art in this gallery.

I saw the snow sculpture that represented a man’s face and I was interested to find out what it was made out of because it looked like real snow. The snow that covered the ground and had a man lying down in the middle was interesting to me and I wanted to find out more about its meaning. The deer sculpture that was made of wood or something was intricately made and I kept wondering what it was made out of. I believe that the deer represented nature and Isiah Ulloa’s appreciation of nature. I was also intimidated by the man with a deer’s head. I had no idea what it represented, but it was an awesome display to admire.

I didn’t get the chance to talk to Ulloa directly but I was listening to conversations and figured out that he used 3-D printing to make the snow sculptures! I was interested on the amount of detail the artwork contained and how difficult it must have been for Ulloa to print such amazing artwork. Also, the size of the sculpture was all printed by a small machine. I really enjoyed Ulloa’s artwork and his method of printing and hope to see more pieces of work like his in the future.


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