Week 6 – Activity – Drawing

This week, we had to draw pictures of other people. Personally, I don’t like drawing other people because I’m not good at drawing faces. However, I was interested on seeing how other people would draw my face, so I decided to give it a shot.

1238026_10202655080561402_4405182801206239796_n 10703794_10202655082721456_3099889843259210164_n

I liked this drawing because you can tell that the artist spent hours on this drawing, making sure that each and every detail was drawn out correctly and proportionally. I really like the time and effort put into this drawing. It is beautiful.


I liked this picture because the person had googly eyes on and I am not the best at drawing real eyes. I was drawing with my iPod, so I don’t think it turned out great, but I tried my best and I hope Mr. Googly Eyes would appreciate my drawing.

Overall, I had a good time experimenting with my drawing skills and it was fun wondering what kind of drawing of yourself you would get back from strangers. I enjoyed scribbling random pictures of other people also, even if it was bad. I really liked this activity and the FrenchGirls app is a fun way to kill time.


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