Week 9 – Activity – Vlog

This week, we had to make a vlog that describes ourselves and our website. I decided to finally use the “about” page and post facts about myself there. Also, I embedded the vlog onto my about page, so check it out there!


Week 9 – Artist – Jesse Minott and Cynthia Lujan


20141023_111632 img_0347

This gallery was named “Forms of LA” and was creatively composed by Jesse Minott and Cynthia Lujan. As I entered this gallery, I was amazed by the use of perspective and color. Its colors really stood out and caught my attention and the detail put into each painting was just amazing. The faces on the paintings were missing faces. I believe that the artist did this to show how emotionless the society has become.

Coming from the L.A. area, I can see how these paintings relate to Los Angeles. The tall skyscrapers dominate the city and with the use of perspective, Minott and Lujan show viewers how tall the skyscrapers are. The people shown on the paintings, in my opinion, represent the average human being living in LA, emotionless and still.

I talked to Lujan and she mentioned on the focus of color. She mentioned the use of many techniques such as emanation and zoning and perspective. Lujan wanted the art to come out blurry because she used a technique that focused on light. I couldn’t remember what it was called. All in all, the effort and time put into this gallery was impressive. I really enjoyed seeing handmade paintings made with passion.

Week 9 – Classmate – Frank Mai


This week, I had the opportunity to interview Frank Mai. There were many hobbies we had in common, Frank is a junior in CSULB and his current major is computer science. He was interested in a graphic design major but decided to change to computer science. Frank is from Westminister, which is a city fifteen minutes away from Long Beach, thus giving him the choice to commute to Long Beach. He took multiple art courses during his high school years in Westminister High. He and I both took ROP MultiMedia in our highschools which gave us the interest of web and graphic design. Frank’s family is from Vietnam and he has two older siblings.

One of Frank’s favorite hobbies is gaming. He doesn’t have a favorite game but his favorite genre of gaming is RPG (role playing game). I asked Frank if he enjoys playing League of Legends, a game I play sporadically, but Frank proclaims that, after tentatively trying it out, concluded that it wasn’t his type of game. Frank is also a big fan of anime. He doesn’t have a favorite anime because he watches a lot. His favorite genre of anime is comedy. I also enjoy watching comedy shows on Netflix, but I haven’t watched anime yet.Frank and I both love eating. He doesn’t have a favorite food but he is down to try anything new and exotic.

During out interview, Frank gave me a lot of helpful advice for my years to come in CSULB. He told me to check out and join clubs that were located around school and to get involved. Frank also mentioned a website that gave you helpful information about your current college professors. I was lucky to interview a classmate with such helpful advice! I hope to learn more about Frank in the future and get to know him more.

Check out Frank’s awesome blog!: http://frankmai.wordpress.com/

Week 8 – Activity – Eportfolio

For this activity, I will make changes to my blog. This website was a site for me to turn in my art 110 posts. I decided to change my cover picture into a more business oriented picture. At first, I put pictures of things I enjoyed such as dogs and Calvin and Hobbes. Now, I try to make it look more professional.

This website will now be a website of professional business and other life events. I will blog about my life and about other interesting topics one might want to know more about. This blog will reflect how I am, and people who view it will learn more about my personality and my major. I decided not to change the theme because I personally like this theme. It is organized and I can get to my posts easily.





Week 8 – Artist – Nora Ayala


This Thursday, I visited the art galleries and came across an interesting artwork. There was writing everywhere, and it looked more like a book than an artwork. However, I decided to read the words and they turned out to be a diary of some sort. The words talked about the artist’s life during school and how she felt throughout the different events that have occurred. A lot of the words and thoughts are pessimistic. They describe the artist as being lonely and self-conscious.

This artwork stood out to me because I can relate to this piece of artwork. The artist talks about the daily struggles of an average high school or college student. These thoughts are thoughts that people keep to themselves, but Ayala decided to write out her thoughts for viewers to see. It really motivates me to understand others and empathize more. These are normal people with the same thoughts as others, and that we are no different than others around us.

I really liked this artwork, but I didn’t get a chance to interview Ayala. My friend from the same class gave me some neat information about Ayala’s work. He told me that it took around a month to complete this art piece. I admire Ayala’s time and dedication given towards this art!

Check out her Instagram here: http://instagram.com/norax_darko/

Week 8 – Classmate – Sergio Melendrez


On Thursday, I met and interviewed Sergio Melendrez. I found out a lot of awesome information about him, his family, and his hobbies. He is a sophomore in college and was a business major, but he decided to switch to film. Sergio lives in northern California, specifically, Santa Cruz. One thing we have in common is that our parents were born in different countries. Sergio’s parents were from Mexico and my parents were from China. We both have siblings but Sergio has two brothers and two sisters while I only have one brother. We both truly love our family even though they can be annoying sometimes. We both have a pet dog. His dog’s name is Milly, and she is an American bulldog. My dog is a chihuahua and we both love our dogs even though they can be tedious to take care of sometimes.

Sergio and I have a lot of hobbies in common. His favorite show is Breaking Bad, which is also my favorite show. Hearing this fact made me excited because I am a fan of the Breaking Bad series. Sergio also enjoys watching Prison Break, which is also one of my favorite TV shows. We both enjoy having a good laugh by watching comedy movies. His favorite movie is Superbad, one of the funnier movies I’ve watched. We both also enjoy watching the NBA in the free time. Our favorite players are both from Oklahoma City Thunders, which we both currently agree is the most dominant team in the league.

Sergio and I both love eating. Sergio’s favorite food is Japanese food, especially sushi. His favorite restaurant from my area is Kabuki. Even though I don’t eat Japanese food much but Kabuki is a good restaurant to go to. His favorite music genre is R&B and Hip-Hop and we both enjoy listening to Kanye West’s Hip-Hop albums. We both enjoy doing many things and I was surprised we had so much in common. I enjoyed interviewing and chatting with Sergio and I hope to learn more about him.

Check out Sergio’s blog! http://sergiomelendrez.wordpress.com

Week 7 – Activity – Painting

This week, we had to use paint to write our names on something. I decided to use my old snapback because I don’t wear it anymore. I was happy with how it turned out. I used a stencil that I made online and I painted the letters with a mix of green and orange. After looking at the plain green and orange letters, I decided to add some finishing touches. I had a small amount of red and black paint left, so I decided to make it look 3-D. I outlined the letters with black and red to add a bit more to the painting and then outlined the letters with a red paint. Finally, my friend suggested to draw a crown on top of the E and I let him do it because I didn’t know what he meant, so the crown was his idea. However, after an hour of working, this was the end result.