Week 5 – Artist Interview – Mike Lewis

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On Thursday, I looked around all the galleries, but the gallery that caught my attention was the one showcasing Mike Lewis. The photos depicted on the wall looked like pictures of war. These pictures had a missing piece in the middle as if someone had cut out a section of the photo. The pieces seemed to be pasted onto a piece of white paper. I inferred that these photos were events that Lewis had to go through. The missing pieces probably meant that Lewis might have lost something during the event that was portrayed on the photos. There were also rags displayed on the walls of the gallery. The rags that hung along the wall were probably used by the homeless because they looked so dirty and worn out.

When I went outside to interview Mike Lewis, I asked Lewis about the rags and the photos. Lewis explains that the rags were picked up from homeless shelters. Lewis then says that the photos are missing pieces because he wants viewers to fill in those pieces, perhaps find the pieces and put the photos back together again. Lewis wants viewers to take action and help out in these unfortunate events depicted by the photographs.

Mike Lewis inspired me a lot by showing his sympathy towards the broken and the unfortunate. I once went to an organization that helped hand out sandwiches to homeless people in San Francisco and I enjoyed helping out those in need. Lewis says that we should all help out with the ones who have very little. I come from a family that is neither rich nor poor, so I couldn’t imagine how life would be like without much.


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