Week 5 – Activity – Counter-factual Identity


After: 10434344_10202607782658984_7907027939748086298_n

Today, on a Sunday, I decided to dress up in a mix of purple and pink clothing attire because I can. I got these clothes from my brother, who obtained these cloths for a past school play. I wore pink jeans, a purple shirt, a pink and white stripped sweater, and pink and black Nike elite socks with sandals. I was planning on walking around my church and asking people I’ve never seen before questions such as what they thought about my attire or what my major is.

As I walked into church and sat near the front, I could already feel the eyes of judgement boring down onto me. My friends whom I sat next to all thought I was crazy. After explaining what was going down, they still felt somewhat judgmental towards my outfit. I asked what major they thought I was and I received multiple responses. One of my friends said fashion and someone else mentioned art. A lot of the majors mentioned circulated around the art field.

After the Sunday service, I walked around the parking lot asking random adults what they thought about me. Many gave me looks of judgement while others just laughed. However, some adults just looked at my attire and thought it was normal teenage “swag.” The first adults I talked to was an old couple maybe in their 60’s or 70’s. They looked at me funny and, after asking them the questions, said that I was a fashion major. The second adult I talked to was an old man who was probably in his 80’s. He claimed that the youth would wear anything they want and that the styles are becoming more and more ridiculous. He says that my major was psychology since I was conducting a survey.

After interviewing different people of different age groups, I can conclude that many of my friends whom are around my age claim that I was weird and that my major was art or fashion. The older folks I interviewed claimed that I was either normal or also weird. Similar yet different responses. Overall, I had a good time surprising people with my attire today and I hope to never wear these clothes again.


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