Wk 4 – Artist Interview – Scott Burns

IMG_2333 IMG_2328 IMG_2331 IMG_2332 IMG_2330

After walking around the galleries with the incentive of finding new and unique artwork, I came across Scott Burn’s ceramic pieces in this gallery. These pieces were named, “Completely absurd, impulsively ridiculous.” I find this name to be accurate.  All these ceramic pieces depicted human beings with abnormal vestigial body parts. Some had huge hands and others had three legs.

After looking at these absurd and ridiculous ceramics, I had to go outside and talk to the artist Scott Burns. Burns was busy making smaller pieces of ceramics with his clay. I asked him how he got this idea for making such unique and intriguing artwork. Burns simply stated that whatever comes into his mind, he would make with clay. He uses no template and he goes straight in and starts working.

Burns states that it is easier to explain the artwork by letting people experience it rather than telling spectators what the pieces mean or writing down details about the artwork. Burns claims that making this art satisfies his psychological art needs and I respect his artwork because every piece is so detailed and colorful. I had a great time viewing the ceramic pieces and talking to Scott Burns.


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