Wk 3 – Artist Interview – Patricia E. Rangel

IMG_2307    IMG_2313 IMG_2314

The artwork portrayed here was confusing to me. After entering the room, I immediately had thoughts shooting through my head: What is the point of this artwork? What does it symbolize? The blocks looked as if they were made intricately and carefully. The steel figures that were on the wall appear to be carefully and exactly made. These pieces of art were made very carefully and perhaps took a long time to make. I looked at the dirt blocks on the ground and concluded that these blocks looked like building blocks and symbolized a society in which people would build each other up. Similar to the blocks, the steel figures that were on the wall looked very much the same as the blocks. They all represented a shape, or a piece in a puzzle. However, these pieces didn’t really fit each other so I believe that the pieces are all different, symbolizing a unique society. Her work of art is named “Grandpa says anything will grow in this dirt.” Patricia Rangel says the dirt for this piece was from El Rancho Bosque, the location of her grandpa’s ranch. Rangel mentions the feeling of home and how the pieces remind her of her home. I enjoyed this artwork because of the fact that these pieces symbolized home and society.


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