Wk 2 – Artist interview – Matthew Usinowicz


This piece of art is named “Taking Off” and was created by Matthew Usinowicz. This form of art was intriguing to me and multiple thoughts came into my mind as I was observing this work of art. I was thinking, “Anyone can do this! Just tie a rope around the American flag and attach it to a wall.” However, I believe that there is much more intangible meanings to this than the eye can perceive. I believe that the title, “Taking Off,” is ironic because the flag is definitely not taking off. Quite the contrary, it is held down by a bundle of rope. The flag is also wrapped around a rope, refused to be let free and flowing like how any other flag should be displayed. I believe that Matthew Usinowicz is showing viewers a symbol of the patriotism in America. Sure, America is a free country but is there something that is holding down our freedom? There is a lot of racism in this world, and I believe that racism is a contributing aspect of our ignorance of such problems in America. Even though this artwork is quite simple, I believe that there is a bigger meaning behind it and that one must think outside the box to really understand Matthew Usinowicz’s lesson.

“I paint, draw, sculpt, build, install, write, perform, tattoo my own legs, and try not to oversleep for fear I will miss something.” – Matthew Usinowicz

URL: http://matthewusinowicz.com/


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