Week 5 – Activity – Counter-factual Identity


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Today, on a Sunday, I decided to dress up in a mix of purple and pink clothing attire because I can. I got these clothes from my brother, who obtained these cloths for a past school play. I wore pink jeans, a purple shirt, a pink and white stripped sweater, and pink and black Nike elite socks with sandals. I was planning on walking around my church and asking people I’ve never seen before questions such as what they thought about my attire or what my major is.

As I walked into church and sat near the front, I could already feel the eyes of judgement boring down onto me. My friends whom I sat next to all thought I was crazy. After explaining what was going down, they still felt somewhat judgmental towards my outfit. I asked what major they thought I was and I received multiple responses. One of my friends said fashion and someone else mentioned art. A lot of the majors mentioned circulated around the art field.

After the Sunday service, I walked around the parking lot asking random adults what they thought about me. Many gave me looks of judgement while others just laughed. However, some adults just looked at my attire and thought it was normal teenage “swag.” The first adults I talked to was an old couple maybe in their 60’s or 70’s. They looked at me funny and, after asking them the questions, said that I was a fashion major. The second adult I talked to was an old man who was probably in his 80’s. He claimed that the youth would wear anything they want and that the styles are becoming more and more ridiculous. He says that my major was psychology since I was conducting a survey.

After interviewing different people of different age groups, I can conclude that many of my friends whom are around my age claim that I was weird and that my major was art or fashion. The older folks I interviewed claimed that I was either normal or also weird. Similar yet different responses. Overall, I had a good time surprising people with my attire today and I hope to never wear these clothes again.


Week 5 – Artist Interview – Mike Lewis

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On Thursday, I looked around all the galleries, but the gallery that caught my attention was the one showcasing Mike Lewis. The photos depicted on the wall looked like pictures of war. These pictures had a missing piece in the middle as if someone had cut out a section of the photo. The pieces seemed to be pasted onto a piece of white paper. I inferred that these photos were events that Lewis had to go through. The missing pieces probably meant that Lewis might have lost something during the event that was portrayed on the photos. There were also rags displayed on the walls of the gallery. The rags that hung along the wall were probably used by the homeless because they looked so dirty and worn out.

When I went outside to interview Mike Lewis, I asked Lewis about the rags and the photos. Lewis explains that the rags were picked up from homeless shelters. Lewis then says that the photos are missing pieces because he wants viewers to fill in those pieces, perhaps find the pieces and put the photos back together again. Lewis wants viewers to take action and help out in these unfortunate events depicted by the photographs.

Mike Lewis inspired me a lot by showing his sympathy towards the broken and the unfortunate. I once went to an organization that helped hand out sandwiches to homeless people in San Francisco and I enjoyed helping out those in need. Lewis says that we should all help out with the ones who have very little. I come from a family that is neither rich nor poor, so I couldn’t imagine how life would be like without much.

Week 5 – Classmate interview – Uriel Reveles


On Thursday, I had the opportunity to meet and talk to Uriel Reveles. Uriel is a sophomore that is currently attending CSULB and is majoring in engineering. He is originally from Bellflower but was raised up in Compton. He attended Centennial High School in Compton and claims that high school was fun, but college is even better. Uriel also has two older sisters that attend CSULB, making his family a CSULB family. He plans on working with cars and electronics after finishing college. Uriel enjoys working with and fixing cars and fixing their sound systems.

Uriel enjoys hobbies that I also enjoy. Uriel is athletic like me and enjoys playing soccer. He also enjoys watching television shows such as the NBA and supernatural. His favorite basketball team is the Boston Celtics, which surprised me because not many people in California are big Celtic fans. Uriel listens to Rap/hip-hop songs, but I personally prefer hip-hop/R&B. His favorite movie is Stand By Me, a movie that is truly funny and action packed. Uriel loves eating food as much as I do. He likes to eat anything that looks good and filling, especially seafood. However, the one seafood dish that Uriel will not enjoy is tuna.

The last question I asked Uriel was what he thought about art and the class Art 110. Uriel says that, in his opinion, art is a way for people to express themselves and show their creative sides. Uriel says that art is different for everyone and that it is a great subject to pursue. He believes that this class is chill and a good class, and I concur with his claims. It was great getting to know more about Uriel and his views on art.

Check out Uriel’s website here: http://urielreveles.wordpress.com/

Wk 4 – Activity – Plaster Hand

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On Saturday, I went to Huntington Beach to work on the plaster activity. The process of making the mold was fun and simple. I was attempting to make a hand, so I used some sand to make a mold of my hand. After mixing the plaster with some water, I poured the plaster into the mold and waited for about 20 minutes. Once i thought it was time, I attempted to uncover the hand. However, it was a hard task and I broke off the thumb of my plaster hand. Overall, it was a great experience to go to the beach and just relax and work on an art project at the same time.

Wk 4 – Artist Interview – Scott Burns

IMG_2333 IMG_2328 IMG_2331 IMG_2332 IMG_2330

After walking around the galleries with the incentive of finding new and unique artwork, I came across Scott Burn’s ceramic pieces in this gallery. These pieces were named, “Completely absurd, impulsively ridiculous.” I find this name to be accurate.  All these ceramic pieces depicted human beings with abnormal vestigial body parts. Some had huge hands and others had three legs.

After looking at these absurd and ridiculous ceramics, I had to go outside and talk to the artist Scott Burns. Burns was busy making smaller pieces of ceramics with his clay. I asked him how he got this idea for making such unique and intriguing artwork. Burns simply stated that whatever comes into his mind, he would make with clay. He uses no template and he goes straight in and starts working.

Burns states that it is easier to explain the artwork by letting people experience it rather than telling spectators what the pieces mean or writing down details about the artwork. Burns claims that making this art satisfies his psychological art needs and I respect his artwork because every piece is so detailed and colorful. I had a great time viewing the ceramic pieces and talking to Scott Burns.

Wk 4 – Classmate Interview – Calvin Vo

This week, I got the chance to talk to Calvin Vo. Calvin is a freshman in CSULB and he is majoring in civil engineering. He commutes to CSULB and he says it is hard to make friends this way. I agree with him because commuting gives a disadvantage towards making new friends. Calvin is from Cypress and he attended Cypress High School. He has two younger siblings and he has no pets, but Calvin wants to own a dog.

Calvin and I are both athletic. Calvin likes playing beach volleyball, hiking, and basketball. He is very active and athletic and enjoys hanging out with his friends. He doesn’t watch TV much, but he tells me that he watches Master Chef and The Voice occasionally. His favorite movies are the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Calvin enjoys listening to alternative music such as The Script, Coldplay, and Fallout Boys.

Calvin’s likes eating anything he can get his hands on. One of his favorite meals is rare steak. I enjoy eating rare steak as well. Calvin’s plan for the next few years to to either transfer to UCSD to further enhance his engineering education or to just stay in CSULB. Calvin has his future set for his next years in college and it motivates me to plan for my future also. I had a great time overall getting to now more about Calvin.

URL:  calvinvo.wordpress.com

Wk 3 – Activity – Kickstarter

After looking through many interesting and strange projects, I came across this practical idea for building a 13 foot 90,000 piece lego super star destroyer based off the movie Star Wars. This idea was interesting to me because the concept is so simple yet so intriguing. The video shows a virtual model of the lego star destroyer and I viewed this as a post someone decided to make because lego building is his hobby. Even though this project doesn’t seem popular, I believe that the director’s passion for building lego sculptures is awesome and that his idea is funny yet motivational.