Wk 1 – GLAMFA Artist – April Bey

Bey_3 Bey_4 Bey_2 Bey_1

During our tour at CSULB’s art gallery on Thursday, I saw many intriguing works of art. I have seen many art pieces before but I have never seen art like the ones in CSULB’s gallery. There were many nice pieces of art to admire and visualize and I realized that anything as simple as a portrait to something as complexed as a wall full of baseball cards can be a form of art. All you have to do is be creative!

After roaming around for a while, I stopped and started pondering the meanings of the art pieces created by April Bey. I really liked her theme of “Keep Calm And…” Her art is called #WhoDoYouWorship. Her art pieces depicted celebrities who are loved and even worshiped by millions of fans. I believe that April Bey is trying to show that society is starting to worship many things, maybe even the wrong things. April Bey tells us that the celebrities shown are glamorizing trash culture in a digital age. 

About the author:

April began her work as an artist living and growing up in the Caribbean (Nassau, Bahamas). Her work is interdisciplinary and varies based on the content of her work.  Her current work is an introspective and social critique of American popular culture. Racial ambiguity, self identity issues and non-traditional racism are also themes seen in her current body of work. 
She received her BFA in drawing in 2009 from Ball State University in Muncie Indiana studying closely with award winning professor and artist John Gee. She received her MFA in painting in 2014 at California State University, Northridge in Los Angeles.

URL: april-bey.com


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