Week 15 – Artist – Hyeri Kim

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This Thursday, I got the opportunity to view a gallery made by Hyeri Kim named “His Extravagant Proposal.” At first, I thought that it would be like any other art gallery, but this one was unique because it deals with an event that almost everyone will go through during his or her life. Kim decided to showcase her wedding and proposal day and decorated the gallery with all sorts of props such as flowers, wedding dresses, and rings.

This gallery stood out to me because Kim talked about love and how love is a God given right. It is when you have found that special someone in your life and that special day is when you and your significant other become married. Kim mentions God in her talks because she believes that God is the one who gave us this opportunity to love one another.

In my opinion, love is an emotion felt by everyone. It may be genetics or it may be God, no one knows for sure, but what is for sure is that love is a very strong emotion and everyone views love differently. Kim’s love for her husband is expressed in a form of art, which I think is creative and unique.


Week 15 – Classmate – Alex Lo


This week I had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know Alex Lo.  Alex is currently a sophomore in CSULB and its his second year here. Alex is majoring in Kinesiology and is hoping to work at a medical office after he graduates from CSULB. Alex enjoys working with other people in the medical field. Alex is also a commuter, like me. He commutes to school everyday, except Fridays. He has no classes on Friday because everyone enjoys three day weekends. Alex is from the La Habra area, which isn’t too far from Long Beach.

During his free time, Alex likes going to the gym, working out, and camping with his friends. Alex watches TV shows such as Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead because he enjoys action/adventure shows. Alex is currently not involved in any school clubs but he is considering joining the rugby team next year.

After talking for a while, we walked around to look at arts. We had different perspectives on many of the works and had many questions on many art pieces. Alex enjoys photography and loves taking pictures of the art with his iPhone. This is my last classmate conversation and I’m glad to have hung out with Alex Thursday!

Check him out here: http://alexanderl0.com

Week 12 – Activity Feedback

3 favorite activities:

-I enjoyed the spray painting activity. Spray painting is fun and exciting because it is usually illegal, but here, you can create your own taggings.

-The landscaping activity was fun and unique because it let you do something different and fun with a purpose.

-Counter factual identity was also fun because it let you become someone else and see other people react to what you wore.

3 least favorite activities:

-I didn’t have a least favorite activity but I think the Kickstarter activity was a little boring and pointless.


This class was a great class because it was simple and fun. It was great knowing that this class was fun and I enjoyed going out and doing the activities.

Week 12 – Artist – Timothy Cooper


This week, I entered the galleries and I was greeted by a bunch of glass plates. There were 145 plates displayed in a “plus” shape. I was interested in the layout and purpose of this display. I believe that these plates represent similarity and that each plate may look the same, but once it is put together with other similar plates, it will create a new image that only observers can see.

This work of art is truly astounding and mind provoking. I enjoyed watching and pondering the meaning of Timothy Copper’s work.

Week 12 – Classmate – Uriel Reyes


On Thursday, I had the opportunity to meet and talk to Uriel Reveles. Uriel is a sophomore that is currently attending CSULB and is majoring in engineering. He is originally from Bellflower but was raised up in Compton. He attended Centennial High School in Compton and claims that high school was fun, but college is even better. Uriel also has two older sisters that attend CSULB, making his family a CSULB family. He plans on working with cars and electronics after finishing college. Uriel enjoys working with and fixing cars and fixing their sound systems.

Uriel enjoys hobbies that I also enjoy. Uriel is athletic like me and enjoys playing soccer. He also enjoys watching television shows such as the NBA and supernatural. His favorite basketball team is the Boston Celtics, which surprised me because not many people in California are big Celtic fans. Uriel listens to Rap/hip-hop songs, but I personally prefer hip-hop/R&B. His favorite movie is Stand By Me, a movie that is truly funny and action packed. Uriel loves eating food as much as I do. He likes to eat anything that looks good and filling, especially seafood. However, the one seafood dish that Uriel will not enjoy is tuna.

The last question I asked Uriel was what he thought about art and the class Art 110. Uriel says that, in his opinion, art is a way for people to express themselves and show their creative sides. Uriel says that art is different for everyone and that it is a great subject to pursue. He believes that this class is chill and a good class, and I concur with his claims. It was great getting to know more about Uriel and his views on art.

Check out Uriel’s website here: http://urielreveles.wordpress.com/

Week 11 – Activity – Nature Photography

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This weekend, I got the chance to go to Mammoth Mountain with my friends. I really enjoy nature and photography, so I decided to take pictures of the scenery. Photography is one of my hobbies that I enjoy, but I am still a beginner photographer.

I decided to do photography as my activity because is is a common passion among many. Photography is a way for people to show their admiration for beauty. I took a picture of the snowy mountains because I enjoyed watching the scene of a snowy mountain and just spending time outdoors. Photography gives one the opportunity to go outside and capture moments of nature.

After coming home from Mammoth Mountain, I was excited and decided to show some pictures to my friends and family. This activity was fun because I got the chance to enjoy one of my hobbies and also enjoy nature.

Week 11 – Artist – Wesley Hicks

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This week, I had the opportunity to view these amazing art pieces made by Wesley Hicks. Once I entered the room, I was intrigued by the vast amount of sculptures that were being displayed. The different colors caught my eye and I was immediately interested and wanted to learn more about this art.

Wesley Hicks talks about how these pieces are presented. Hicks states that these objects contain imperfections and inconsistencies that have been painted over to further impede viewers from understanding their original functions and intended state. Hicks also mentions how these objects are all small, thus giving the idea of the objects standing for something bigger. Hicks believes that art should be linked to an idea or a concept.

I believe that Hicks is trying to tell viewers how every artwork must stand for something or have a concept behind it. I really enjoyed viewing all of Hick’s art and his statements of objects needing to stand for an idea or concept. I had a great time touring the gallery and hope to find more art by Wesley Hicks.